Parking Guide

There are over 3 000 parking bays at Ballito Junction over five levels, three levels of which give direct access to the shopping levels, with two mezzanine levels in-between.

All the parking areas are inter-connected: once you enter you can access all parking bays on all levels.

Parking entry is at the entrance gantries where shoppers will take a parking ticket from the machine dispensers.

Parking Management:

The parking management at Ballito Junction is undertaken by Servest.

Servest has on-site staff available to assist shoppers in how best to access the parking and the various shopping levels.

The Servest staff are also available to give assistance at the pay points entrance and exit booms.

Parking Management Office:

Ballito Junction's parking management office is located at the middle entrance of the middle shopping level (blue level).

Shoppers may use this facility for payment of parking, lost tickets, and any issues related to parking.

Free Parking:

All parking is free for the first hour, and for shoppers of Pick n Pay, Checkers, Dis-Chem and Game, it is free for the first 1.5 hours. All shoppers who visit the mall, regardless of time spent, must validate their ticket at the pay machine in order to exit.

Pay On Foot:

Parking may be paid for at "Pay on Foot" machines which are located at each entrance into the Mall, on each trading level and each mezzanine parking level.

Parking Tariffs:

Parking tariffs are set as follows:

0 - 1 Hour Free
1 – 3 Hours R8
3 – 4 Hours R10
4 – 5 Hours R15
5 – 6 Hours R20
6 – 7 Hours R25
7+ Hours R50
Lost Ticket R50

** All prices are inclusive of VAT.